Plan. Travel. Visit. Your future secure journey - Security & Policing 2020 - Immersive Feature

For 2020, the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) hosts an interactive, content-rich immersive feature which will provide visitors with an insight into a future secure journey.

‘Plan. Travel. Visit. Your future secure journey’ showcases and demonstrates solutions and technology that improve security around:

Pre-journey planning

What the future may look like in screening both passengers and cargo before it enters the UK or a UK airport for departure. Specifically, helping the traveling public to plan their journeys with ease and demonstrate ways in which the pre-journey process could be easier and more efficient by reducing or streamlining perceptible touch points.

Aviation and travel security

To demonstrate a future travel state which demonstrates less intrusive, faster and more efficient screening, whilst retaining/improving all the key security elements.

Crowded places and infrastructure

How we can ensure the safety of visitors to busy and popular tourist attractions, concert arenas and sports stadiums. The focus is on demonstrating solutions and approaches necessary for ensuring the safety and security of large crowds against a range of potential threats.